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Digital Marketing Training Courses at DM4India , Designed to fulfill Your needs. We have Special Modules for you, whether you are a Student, Or a Businessman, Or a Professional, Or an Executive Or even a Job-seeker. These meticulously designed modules, avail you a wide span to Open your Wings, from Cyber Space to non-Cyber Physical Space too.

Why Digital Marketing Training ?

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Yes, a big part of Digital Marketing lies in the creativity of the person. And another big part in the technology known to him/her. If you don't know how to present your creativity using technology then unfortunately some of your roads are difficult to tread. We suggest every creative person to enhance his/her skills by adding this skill to his skill-set. Whether you use it for your job or for business, or just for fun, you are actually improving yourself.



Here is a Unique Strategy, covering the needs of Your own niche plus a general sense of Online Marketing making you confident of any niche presented to you. In the challenging environment on the Internet, only a well-researched training like one provided here, can work.

Diverse Coverage

We don't believe in canned syllabus and so we feel free to give you what is "out-of-syllabus" of Digital Marketing also, in order to help you better grasp the concepts and to have better usability of the skills acquired by you.

Filling Your Gaps

Every trainee is different in his/her own background of academia as well as experience. So what is the use of this course until it fills the knowledge gaps which you have as your individual "traits". We try to recognize them and fill them so as to produce a confidant Digital Marketing Expert.


As is already specified, going out of boundaries of syllabus and trying to fill your gap gives our course a coveted flexibility, which makes the course not only more useful but interesting in its each and every sentence delivered.

Curriculum @ DM4India

Introduction & Outline

What is Digital Marketing
Why is it Critical for your business
Benefits of being a DM expert
Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing
Different types of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO
About Search Engines
What is Page Rank, Domain Authority and so on
How to improve your Page Rank in a Planned Manner
How to Make your Google Results more attractive
Various SEO techniques
Application of SEO techniques in Your Field

Planning for a Digital Marketing Campaign

Drawing the Channels Right
Thinking in terms of your business
Finding out notches for Digital Marketing in your business
Thinking of Your Target Audience
Planning Digital Marketing Means for each “notch”
Calculating Your Budget for DM application
Assessing Effectiveness of DM application
Taking Feedback and Re-planning Processes

Maximizing Leads for Your Business

The Dream coming True
Thinking Business Specific
Analyzing your Current Lead Generation Scenario
Maximizing the numbers by Hitting the hot areas
Using DM in the Selected Areas for Lead Maximization

Google Analytics

Facing the Results !!
What is Analytics
Use of Analytics & Its Importance
Different parts & Sub-tools of Analytics
Using Analytics for Leads’ Improvement

Google AdWords

Investing Some Money
What is Adwords
Use of Adwords & Its Importance
Different parts & Sub-tools of Adwords
Using Adwords for Advertising Campaigns

Email Marketing

Dear Customer
How to compose effective emails
Basics of Email technology
Tools for Email Marketing
Effectively using Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Of the People, By the People
Facebook Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Google Plus Marketing
YouTube Marketing
Other Social Media platforms

Mobile Marketing

Magic of that small Daily Gadget!
What is Mobile Marketing
Technological Basics of Mobile Marketing
Difference Between Mobile Marketing and other DM Methods
How to use Mobile Marketing effectively for Your Business

Affiliate Marketing

My launcher Your satellite (Both got a place right!)
What is Affiliate Marketing
Different Affiliate Marketing Websites
Using Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money

Special Module-I

Guesswork for you...

Ecommerce & Marketing

The Business in the Cyberlands
What is Ecommere
Using Ecommerce for Marketing
Understanding Technological Basics of Ecommerce
Effectively using Ecommerce Website for your Business

Adsense & Related Topics

Keep Calm and play Shastriya Sangeet
What is Adsense
How to use Adsense for Earning Money

Special Module -II(a)

You will ask, but Wait!

Special Module -II(b)

Again you will ask,...but Wait!

Doubt Session and Brainstorming Session

Got Hungry? Huh??
All about your doubts and thinking new

Team Members


Hemant Kumar


Digital Marketing and Cyber Expert, Ex Cyber Officer, Govt. of India. The Course Director at DM4India.

Vikas Sharma

Trainer & DM Professional

SMO Expert and Trainer, Graphic Design Maestro, Linguistic Expert and Trainer.

Mr. Shivam


Freelance PR expert. For Trend Inputs in some aspects of Digital Marketing Course.

Manish Bharatiya

Developer, Experienced of Microsoft

To experiment and lecture on different new and conjured up ideas of Digital Marketing. Developer is one who is able to implement the "improvised" ideas.

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